Italian based photographer Francesco Spighi takes us on a little trip to Tuscany for a pretty amazing bridal boudoir session. Let him tell us the story behind it.

We had the pleasure to meet Jenny from Jenny Lee Bridal  while I was shooting her new bridal collection here in Tuscany. While there we had the chance to see the gorgeous lingerie  that the model was wearing, especially the beautiful embroidered corset. So, we tempted to dedicate a photo-shooting just to the mysterious world of lace underwear.

We created a boho-chic atmosphere adding a romantic bouquet, made by the amazing florist Jardin Divers  and different colored feathers in the hair of the model.
My main goal was to capture the different shades that the light formed passing trough the branches  highlighting at the same time the beautiful patterns of the laces, the delicacy of the fabric and the sensuality of the underwear, involving the model in a sensual but never ostentatious pose.

About my gear: The pictures were taken with two Nikon D810, using just two lenses, Nikkor 28mm f1,8 and Nikkor 58mm f1,4. I work with two bodies, and mainly (95%) with these two lenses. I like to be concentrated about the subject and I don’t want to wast time thinking to something different or to changing lens. Adding variables creates confusion in my mind so I decided in my work to keep things as simple as I can.

In photography we have infinite opportunities to show the same scenes, and if I decide to cut at the beginning a lot of these opportunities in my mind it will be simpler to chose the best one from the remaining possibilities. More time to explore less possibilities. The editing was done with a personal tweak of Fuji 400H.

Photographer: Francesco Spighi


Lingerie and Veil: Jenny Lee Bridal


Planning: Chiara Sernesi



Florist: Jardin Divers


MUA: Consuelo Cardella