Before and After: Dannie Melissa Wit

It was absolutely breathtaking

Dannie Melissa Wit rocked our socks off with her ceremony pic. Let’s hear the story behind this stunning piece of art

 Image by Dannie Melissa Wit -

Image by Dannie Melissa Wit –

I had the honor of second shooting for Karen K. Wang at this gorgeous wedding. Karen is an amazing photographer and friend who graciously allowed me to share this shot. This photo took place at the summit of the Crystal Mountain Resort which rests at an elevation of 6,872 feet. It was absolutely breathtaking. I’m not a gal who loves heights so I said a little prayer as we took off in a bright red Gondola that bumped and moved with the wind all 2000 feet to the epic destination. The venue is perched on top of the mountain surrounded by alpine trees and stunning views. The ceremony took place about 6pm, the sun was intense radiating off the light colored cement at the ceremony site directly facing Mount Rainier to our southwest. 

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Due to the brightness of the light, my plan was to underexpose and stop down my aperture much more than normal. My hope was to capture the dramatic details of the scenery, the lighting and most importantly the emotion. I currently shoot with a Canon 6D coupled with the 35mm 1.4 L. For this shot my aperture was set at f/11, ISO 100 with a 1/4000 shutter. For processing, I developed using a modified Kodak TRI-X as my preset in Lightroom then made local adjustments from there. 

 SOOC Image by Dannie Melissa Witt -

SOOC Image by Dannie Melissa Witt –

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