Twisted Oaks

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I wanted to really step my game up and push things as artisticly as possible

We have a nice little wedding for you guys from Jay Cassario, shot with three different set ups. Let’s listen what Jay has to say about it

Lindsey and Matt’s wedding was one I had been looking forward to since I shot at the Salem Cross Inn last year. Knowing how beautiful the property is, I wanted to really step my game up and push things as artisticly as possible. We had a bright sunny day, and clear skies, leaving the door wide open for me to push the creative envelope.

Since my wide selection of gear has become pretty well known, I often get asked how I choose what to bring. For this trip, being one I knew I wanted to step things up a notch, I thought it would be cool to share my gear selection and a handful of the shots taken with 3 completely different setups. I also shot the hell out of my Pentax 645N which I am absolutely loving ever since I picked it up a couple months ago.

So, here are a handful of shots I picked out and processed. The majority of these were shot with my new Leica M240, the tiltshift shots taken with the 5D Mark3 and 45mm TS-E, and the first and last image taken with the Nikon D810 and Sigma 24 Art.

Three completely different setups, used for completely different reasons, all depending on the image want to create. I shot a lot of Fuji400H on the Pentax645N which I’m really looking forward to getting back from TheFINDLab in a couple weeks.