Rocky Roses

I absolutely love the texture of clouds and the way they filter light onto faces

Haley Nord from was able to capture her dream bridal shot on a perfectly moody and gritty day near Salt Lake City. Let’s see what she has to say about it

“This spring in Utah, we had about two weeks solid of the most beautiful stormy weather. While it sometimes made doing shoots complicated, I absolutely love the texture of clouds and the way they filter light onto faces.

I knew I wanted to create my dream bridal shoot, something that had been in my head for quite awhile. I luckily have a team of incredibly talented friends, and we all collaborated to bring this moody bridal to life.

After hair & makeup, we all piled in my car and drove west, chasing the clouds and the beautiful light I had been dreaming of. About 60 miles west of Salt Lake, we went to a location that I had already scouted out a few days prior.

We climbed up the side of the mountain to get to the beautiful, gritty dark rock that you see in the photos, and the rest came to life through the talent of the models.

I shot The session with my D800, Nikon 85 1.8 lens, and Nikon 50 1.4. .I slightly underexposed most of the shots, I wanted to be able to bring out the texture of the clouds and rocks, while maintaining highlights on the face.”

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Dress | Haunted Head Fashion –

Hair & Makeup | Megan Gorley – 

Florals | Jamie Heusser –

Model | Annika Quist –

Model | Joey Hugentobler –

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