10 Questions: Jaime Prades Carrasco

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Currently studying International Relations at URJC University, Jaime Prades Carrasco is an avid photographer based in Madrid, Spain. He says life is like a highway in one direction but you get to choose the detours. Sweet! Jaime’s portfolio includes a wide selection of works around portraits, streets, travel, weddings and photojournalism. Hear what Jaime has to be about being a photographer – wise words from someone so young (he’s 19!)

1. What is life to you? What it should be?

For me that is a simple question with a difficult answer. Life is a complex set of emotions and feelings, but on top of all is an incredible compilation of surprises. Life is a highway in one direction but with many detours which won´t assure you where will we end up. However you will always hope that when you look back in time , you can tell yourself that you have chosen the right path for you even though it wasn´t the want you were willing to take at the first place. In any case, you won’t regret your decisions, and you would be sure that the unexpected was always the right for you, and that the decisions you had been making during the journey were those that had to be. That you did the right thing.

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

2. There are a lot of professions out there – why be a photographer?

Because you can be yourself, you have the ability to create art, to witness wonderful things, moments from other people´s lives… And above all, you have the feeling that even though time goes by, a part of you will be present in the form of photography. I suppose that is one way to achieve immortality on earth, it´s the ability to create physical memories for people, in which you will always be present, forever.

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

3. How much is your family an influence on the way you view life, see things?

A lot, since I was a child they have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, to not give up, to fight for what I want. I am 19 years old, but they have been more than enough to realize that without my family, many things would have been different, beginning with myself.

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4. What is your favourite non-photography passtime?

Are there any other hobbies besides photography?

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

5. What movie did you love recently?

Interstellar, it is the only film I’ve gone to see twice to the cinema in my life

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

6. Is/Are there any project(s) you wish you could do – or might do?

A friend of my father has given me his Hasselblad 500c, so I have started to learn how to take photos with it. It is with no doubt the project that thrills me the most, and the one I have chosen to focus on at the moment

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

7. Is there a big difference between your personal work and commissioned work?

No, I always try to do the commissioned work as personal as possible, I always try to be as “me” as I can. I always try to impregnate a little bit of myself in any kind of work, it doesn´t matter if it is personal, commissioned or any other type.

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

8. Do you shoot with your left or right eye?

Right eye    

9. Are there any unseen experimental images in your attic you’d like to show us now? 

{One month ago} I have just landed in Spain, I come from a wonderful one week trip in Morocco and I would like to show you some pictures I’ve done in this amazing country

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

10. If you were to start all over again, is there anything you would do differently? Why?

I wouldn’t do anything different, this is just the beginning for me, so I guess I’ll have many other opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them in the future

looks_like_film_10_questions_jaime prades carrasco

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