Interview with Riccardo Fasoli

In this interview we’re having a chat with Riccardo Fasoli. If you’re in the LooksLikeFilm or VSCO Film Users groups, you may have seen this talented artist posting videos treated with the presets. Armed with Canon Mark II and III, he creates experiences never forgotten. His work is visually stunning and emotion-evoking. The amount of work, storytelling and scripting put into it leaves you with goosebumps, yearning for more. I will admit, I’m a complete noob when it comes to videography and totally clueless to the lingo used. I had to research what exactly LUTs are and thankfully someone explained it to me in layman terms. (Huge shout out to Alex Reinhard for that!) Many have wondered how to use VSCO in their own video work and have been wanting to know the process. So Riccardo was gracious enough to spare some time for this interview and it was an absolute pleasure chatting with him.

LLF: First off, thank you so much for taking out the time to speak with us.

R: You’re welcome, my pleasure.

LLF: We feature artists from all over the globe, where are you from?

R: I live in Germany but I am from Italy.

LLF: How long have you been doing videography?

R: 4 years.

LLF: Were you ever into photography or was your passion always for video production?

R: I have done photography, I like it and I invest a little time into it because the market has more of a demand for photography than videography. But things are changing now, thank God! 😀

LLF: Change is good! How did you learn about VSCO?

R: My girlfriend, Anne Aselmann, is the photographer in our company (Kreativ Wedding) and she was searching for a way to give her photos a more analog feel to them. That’s when VSCO came into our world.

LLF: You’ve actually answered my next question 😀 I was going to ask you if you work alone or if you have a partner. Thanks for filling us in before asking 🙂 That’s really great that you have someone you know and trust to work alongside you. It must really take a lot of pressure off and move your work along smoothly.

And now for the big question everyone is dying to know……. We REALLY would like to know HOW you do this, haha. Everyone absolutely raves over your videos, I will admit I was blown away myself, and we would all like to know the secret behind it all. Can you walk us through the process?

R: I know many people want to know the process and I know that many people already know how it works. I’ve been using this method for 2 years but this year everything improved when I learned to use Color Finale. It gives me the possibility to control the LUTs. LUT meaning Look Up Table. Look Up Tables are all of the information of the colors with their changes that you apply to them with a filter (In layman’s words: an LUT sets values for colors. It’s a map that tells an image what colors are what. An example would be green to look more teal ) There are many ways to have VSCO as LUTs for video.

LLF: Can you name us some?

R: There is VSCOVideo as well as Export LUT Lightroom plugin. So, you see, there are possibilities.

LLF: So, as a basic overview of your workflow…….. you put your video together in another program first then bring it into LR and export the lut’s? (whew!!)

R: My workflow is: Create a video story with the right feeling in Final Cut X then look at what kinds of colors Anne uses in her photography from the same event, then I try to recreate the same feel in Lightroom with a small JPEG and export the filter. I apply the filter to my video, adjusting every clip with the final color.

LLF: Wow, that is incredible. Riccardo, thank you SO much for taking the time to speak with us and showcasing your work. Do you have any words of encouragement or advice to give to others?

R: I would like to let people know you cannot make videos like these only using different programs and colors. There are many things that make my videos enjoyable to watch. Making my videos includes many trips on an emotional rollercoaster.

LLF: Yes, it is obvious that a lot of feeling, emotion and passion go into each video you’ve done. That is very important to keep the attention of the viewer, and you’ve certainly achieved that goal. Riccardo, thank you again for your time.

R: You’re welcome.

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