Before and After: Rafal Bojar

We had some people asking for a Before and After with the amazing image by Rafal Bojar  and we are happy to finally present it !

 Final Image - Rafal Bojar -

Final Image – Rafal Bojar –

The session took place between Garwolin and Kalwaria Mountain in Poland. I used Nikon d810 with Nikkor 70-200 VR II 2.8, 1/800 sec at f / 4,0, ISO 320.

This was a bridal session of Kate and Matt. While we drove along the Vistula River we were looking for an opened space where we could take some shots.

This one was taken around 8 pm just before the sunset. Kate and Matt are super nice and opened couple and we got in touch around a half year ago.

Before and After: Rafal Bojar


From the beginning I wanted session to look like film and more with some painting effects so that’s why I used a flare with smoke. Some parts are unexposed with 1.5EV.

I wanted to keep details in white parts of picture. I knew Nikon d810 can handle it and later I won’t have any problems while retouching photo.

I used Kodak Kodak Portra 800 and then I applied local adjustments and customizations to this preset.

Those shots reminds me of fun and great atmosphere that day and I’m glad my couple felt comfortable in from of the camera.

 Sooc Image - Rafal Bojar -


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and here are some more shots from that amazing wedding 

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Follow the amazing work of Rafal


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  1. Matheus Passos

    Awesome Job Rafal! Love the location too.

  2. Dayana Sokem Dalloul

    These are absolutely amazing! Wow. Just wow.

  3. Rafał Bojar

    Thanks guys 😉

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