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Let us see what Thomas Cherry has to say about his amazing photo and our newest Image of the Week !

The little fella, who’s giving his tires the beating of their life, is my 4 year old son Dawson or as most know him as “Awesome Dawson”. He loves anything with wheels and a gas pedal, but he has a special place in his heart for the vehicles with oversized tires, that can trek through mud.

 f/1.8    -    1/3200 sec    -    ISO 200       Shot on Nikon D810 - Sigma 35mm Art


f/1.8    –    1/3200 sec    –    ISO 200       Shot on Nikon D810 – Sigma 35mm Art

It was shot completely on a whim in my mother’s driveway yesterday (06-24-2015). We gave the neighbors down wind from us quite the scare, when plums of red smoke traveled by their windows. The smoke grenades were initially purchased for an upcoming set of Independence Day sessions, but I grew eager yesterday to try them out pronto. I tried having him drive through the clouds of smoke numerous times but it would only blind him and resulted in an expression of fright as he erupted from the cloud. I settled on simulating a burnout with him stationary.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me what kind of smoke grenades I used, and it was one Enola Gaye Burst grenades underneath the kart and two of their high output grenades on each side to enhance the effect. I purchased them at a local gun store, but I’m sure most retailers that stock paintball or airsoft gear carry them.

You can get your hands on the Enola Gaye smoke bombs here !


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