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Every now and then an image comes along that is so special and so dreamy, we just can’t stop looking away from it ! Kudos to Jeannie Albers for creating a beautiful piece of art.

 Edited with Fuji Astia 100 -


Edited with Fuji Astia 100 – (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Let her explain how she was able to create this masterpiece


The image was shot on the Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 35mm 1.4- Settings were ISO 500 at F 1.6 at 1/160s

The idea for a moody-mermaid-esque photoshoot came sometime back in February.  Then, about 2 months ago, I met Dakotah (model) at a coffeeshop in Orlando where I was attending a songwriters’ event.  

My immediate thought was that I HAD to convince this girl to let me photograph her… which, turns out, required zero convincing because she had been thinking about modeling for a while, but didn’t know where/how to begin.  BOOM.  And yes,

her hair is exactly as you see it in the photo…100% natural… I seriously do not even understand.  Anyway, a friend of mine went to school for fashion and specializes in women’s custom attire (mostly wedding), and I asked her if she’d be willing to work with me to create a gown that would have hints of mermaid, very flow-y and etherial.  I even painted subtle fish scales on her feet that fade into her legs (which you will e able to see whenever I post the blog on my website).  

We did the shoot on the east coast (New Smyrna Beach near Ponce Inlet).  The location had a variety of scenery, from sand dunes to jetty, as well as some calmer water for the particular photo you see here.  It was also the perfect concoction of weather… dark and stormy backdrop, serious gusts of wind… mmm mmm good.  

We snapped this one right before sunset too for that extra moodiness.  So yea, that’s that!  I do these types of shoots for myself, to grow as a photographer and creative in general, and my friend Brea Marie begged me to share it on the VSCO Users page…

let me tell you: having such an enthusiastic response from this community was so wonderful and encouraging!!  Thanks everyone!  You can follow me on Facebook if you’d like to see the full shoot once I post in a week or two (jalbersstudio).  

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 Unedited image straight out of camera -


Unedited image straight out of camera – (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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 Mermaid session coming soon -

Mermaid session coming soon –

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