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Mon trujillo is a mexican based, natural light photographer, that loves to capture the connection between two lovers. See what he has to say and how we pulled off this wonderful and intimate session between Mariana and Luis.

I believe in marriage and in the power of relationship, at the end of the day is what you have to hang on.

Photography has given me the voice to communicate my vision of the world. I am a lover of natural light, 90% of my photographs are made that way, always with my Nikon J1 to shoot everything I like.

Mariana is a model and an english teacher and Luis is Dj and audio producer, was enough just a picture of them that I saw in facebook to realize their connection as a couple, so I decided to invite them to take some pictures. The session took place in her apartment that has huge windows. Honestly I do not look for impressive or great locations, my biggest intention is to find that point where everything stops and you can capture the magic between couples, I call connection.

To my sessions I use a Canon 5D markII and Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens that in order to be close to the couple and to shoot at the right time. I shot with a constant aperture of F2.0 ISO from 250-1600. The processing is performed based on preset with Agfa Scala and ASE (Alien skin exposure) for grain and bokeh.


check out the amazing work of mon trujillo

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  1. Nicole Goenner

    This session was everything!!!!!

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