Your LLF Staff : Lukas Piatek

So much time has been spent putting together this blog, website and community that for the most part the focus has been on contributing artists. For the next few weeks, we will be featuring a new segment to give you a peek at the team behind Looks Like Film

Your LLF Staff : Lukas Piatek


Lukas Piatek
Bottrop, Germany


Primarily shoots:
Weddings, Couples, Portraits, Newborns

Go to Pack:
Pack 06 • Portra 400+3++

What does photography mean to you?
“Photography Means everything to me, it is something I love doing and is my ultimate fulfillment.”

What other photographers work are you enjoying right now?
“I Can’t name anyone really! There are so many talented photographers out there and I see more every day. When I receive photos at LLF I sometimes cant believe what is possible. There is so much talent and most of it is unknown, Thats why we want to change that!”

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