Image of the week: Joel Bear

This Image was taken this spring at Taft Point in Yosemite. It is one of our favorite places in the national park, with its pristine and great use of backlight. The model for this shot is my wife @maggiebear. I wanted to show the vastness of the valley bellow as well as the ratio of the person standing on the ledge.

I waited for the Backlight of the sun to give a warming effect, as well as the placement at 45 degrees of the model, to create a silhouette, but also create rays of light. For me, the details of the valley were extremely important, thus I exposed two stops over and pulled back in post.

The design and placement of the image was very important to me, I wanted to create a sense of balance, yet a slight degree of tension, so i framed the subject just a little to the left of center. Your eyes want to make her center which creates tension and interest.

My camera settings were Sony A7 at 28mm F/4 at 1/500 at ISO 100.

 Image by Joel Bear -

Image by Joel Bear –

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