Before and After: Sergio Sarnicola

This photograph was shot near the sea in Naples ( Italy ) at the end of a portrait session of a real wedding. We had just finished taking photographs at the beach and we were coming back to the venue for dinner when I visualized this image featuring the bride and groom under that amazing gazebo, immersed in the golden sunset light.

I gave them some suggestions and I quickly moved some objects that were in the field, then I started to take pictures without caring too much the exposure, as I was aware of the high dynamic range of my Nikon D750.

Normally I shoot in aperture priority with center-weighted metering, which is the best choice if you need to shoot quickly and there is not much time to think.

 Straight out of camera image - Nikon D750 + Sigma 35mm F/2 at 1/2500 and ISO 50

Straight out of camera image – Nikon D750 + Sigma 35mm F/2 at 1/2500 and ISO 50

In this case, the D750 has behaved very well and I did not have to make any compensation.

While I took the pictures, the manager of the location was behind me saying “hurry up, we’re late!” So I concentrated on the composition, trying to distribute the elements within the frame in the best way possible.

 Kodak Portra 400 NC -

Kodak Portra 400 NC –

The bride and groom were not exactly in the middle, but I had no time to move them or I would not have brought home the picture!

Once imported the images in Lightroom I first applied the filter VSCO Kodak Portra 400 NC, then I applied local adjustments and customizations to the preset.

 Brightness and contrast adjustments -

Brightness and contrast adjustments –

Gear used


When I finished equalizing all the parameters in the Develop module I sent the image to Photoshop to correct some perspectives which were impossible to fix with the Lens Correction tool. In particular, I moved the white carpet slightly to the left and applied a slight tilt-shift effect to give a dreamier mood.

 Little carpet shift and tilt shift effect -

Little carpet shift and tilt shift effect –

I am very pleased with this image because it sums up the atmosphere that was breathed that day. Additionally, the light was really magnificent!

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  1. Fabrizio Del Tufo

    One of the most precious pictures I saw in my life in the world. It looks like a movie.

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