Till Darkness We Ride

“I love shooting at dusk because the light is so blue and so subtle”

Hugh Whitaker-1

This series of images was shot on a recent trip to Vancouver. I had been hired to shoot a wedding and needed a place to stay. Amy and Wade as hospitable as ever gave me a bed for the night. They are incredible friends who I’ve been fortunate to photograph many times over the years. (Including their wedding in Antigua that Jennifer Moher shot with me http://www.hughwhitaker.com/amy-wade-destination-wedding-antigua)


Wade has a beautiful Monaco which he bought from an old friend, who had it from new. He’s slowly restoring it and had just got it back on the road for the summer. He wanted to take it for a drive, it was beautiful evening so we did just that. Amy is 8 months pregnant and it was a great way of hanging out and having them show me around their neighbourhood.


I had no intentions of taking photos that night but as always had a camera (D750) and one lens a 24mm 2.8 on me just in case. We came back from dinner and as we walked towards the car the light was so perfect. I started shooting as we drove around and it resulted in a set of images that I love. I’ve been struggling recently to produce work. To much planning, to much overthinking. This will always be a lesson for me to just relax and shoot when it feels right.


Gear Used


The processing is a preset that I created from Portra 160 and T-Max 400. I love shooting at dusk because the light is so blue and so subtle. The ISO ranges from 1000 to 4000 and shutter speeds got stupidly low by the end as I only had a 2.8 lens. The shots are far from perfect and one of the reasons I love them.


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  1. rebecca

    i shoot at dusk too.

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