10 Questions: Jennifer Moher


Based in Peterborough Ontoria, Canada, Jennifer Moher finds friendship and support in her extended family of photographers. Life is about experiences and emotions and Jennifer will not hesitate to change something in her life if it’s not working. She would love to photograph her parents more, and shoots commissioned work the way it feels right – bridging the gap between commission and personal work.

 1. What is life to you? What it should be?

Life to me is experiences and emotions. Crying, laughing, singing, dancing, creating and loving <3


2. There are a lot of professions out there – why be a photographer?

For the community. The industry has changed so much. When I want to ask someone something about what they do, I just ask, and they usually tell, and then we hang out and take photos together! It is such a wonderful industry for friendships and support. I genuinely feel that my photographer friends are like my ridiculously large extended family!


3. How much is your family an influence on the way you view life, see things?

My soon to be husband, Hugh Whitaker, has completely changed the way I shoot and see things, both visually and emotionally. We constantly push and inspire each other to grow. My children have also been a massive influence in the way  I see parent child relationships at weddings. I think I am more aware of the importance of what the day means to not only the bride and groom, but the parents as well.


4. What is your favourite non-photography passtime?

I love watching movies, among my favourites are “The Master“, “There will be Blood” and “Little Children“.


5. What do you like to eat?

I think a better question is what to I NOT like to eat! I love food, I love all kinds of it. Specifically – Chocolate chip cookies, Butter chicken and Nachos.


6. Is/Are there any project(s) you wish you could do – or might do?

I would love to start photographing my parents more. I think it is something I take for granted and definitely something I am going to work towards.


7. Is there a big difference between your personal work and commissioned work?

I try not to let there be. One of the ways that I can stay inspired and feeling fresh is if I can shoot weddings in a way that feels right to me, which is exactly how I would photograph personal work. I actually find that the more personal work I shoot, the more it influences my commissioned work, which is awesome!


8. Do you shoot with your left or right eye?

Left 😉


9. Are there any unseen experimental images in your attic you’d like to show us now?

The only thing up in my attic is a few mice and possibly a dead squirrel….but we are going to look into that 😉 In all seriousness, I tend to share everything I work on!


10. If you were to start all over again, is there anything you would do differently? Why?

I absolutely adore my life and every single thing in it. There is not one thing I would change. I am very much of the mindset that when something isn’t working you must change it. I have never been one to dwell on things not being as I want them to it’s way too easy to just stop what you are doing and change it if you don’t like it!

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  1. Kristin Hallak

    Oh, Jennifer! You are the best! 🙂 Xo

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