Before and After: Abigail Steed

Abigail lives on Isle of Wight (UK) with her two daughters and two dogs and is a wedding and portrait photographer.

Here’s what Abigail says about making this image: 

I kind of already had this image in my head so knew what I was tryng to achieve beforehand which always makes life easier! We got so lucky with the seagull (we were throwing out bread!) but unfortunately my daughter got completely distracted by it flying so close so i just composited it in to this frame instead.

The lighting was pretty harsh being in midday sun so I had to sort out the shadows on her face and tone down the highlights slightly. Then I just tidied up the horizon and straightened things up in PS before bringing it into Lightroom.

I added VSCO Agfa Vista 400+cool then went into ASE to add a very light texture then brought it back into lightroom for a little sharpening and some contrast and toning. And that was pretty much it!

 Agfa Vista 400 Cool - Abigail Steed Photography


Agfa Vista 400 Cool – Abigail Steed Photography

 SOOC - Abigail Steed Photography


SOOC – Abigail Steed Photography

Check out Abigails website at and her Facebook page is
You can also find her on Twitter at .


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