Image of the Week: Daniel Aaron Sprague

Story behind the image:

We wanted to be present for Addison’s first train ride, so we decided to take her and her cousin (the genius 3 year old boy photographer) on their first train ride together. We were only taking the train 1 stop down the line, and it was just an 8 min ride. I knew I wanted to capture this moment, so I brought my 5d mkii with me, which I rarely do; usually the iPhone is enough.

The light just happened to be magical and so I started taking a few shots when I remembered a photo of a boy sitting at a house window that my 1st photography teacher had taken. I remembered loving how it looked like he was staring into his own reflection. I took a bunch of shots, but for this one I decided to up the aperture so that I could get a slow shutter speed. I settled on f/8 @ 1/25th of a second.

The effect came out just as I had hoped! The scenery outside blurred as it sped by, which is why the image seems so cinematic. Addison and her cousin loved the train ride and I came away with one of the best images of my life. It just goes to show you, you just need to be ready for the moment when everything comes together.

A lot of it is outside of your control, but as long as you stay ready, you will have a chance to capture something great!

 Image by Daniel Aaron Sprague -

Image by Daniel Aaron Sprague –

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