Before and After: Sebastian Hübner

Tell us bit about yourself and the work you do: 

I’m a 23 yo photographer living in Munich, Germany. Starting making pictures at the age 20 i quickly began to do portraits, because i think it is the most fun. Shooting such as editing. 

Nevertheless i’m doing quite much stilllife and product photography for living, which is also fun to me, because it’s more technical in my opinion using many strobes and other stuff. Portraits are preferably more emotional from time to time and don’t necessarily need that much gear. 

 Final edit Portra 160+1

Final edit Portra 160+1


What gear and settings did you use to achieve this shot? 

That picture was taken completely with available light. It was a very cloudy day, wich is perfect to me doing smoothly lit pictures like these. I used my Nikon D810 and the 85mm f1,8 lens.  

My settings: 1/250s; f2,8; ISO800. 

How did you edit the image?  

I adjusted the exposure, contrast and other things using Camera Raw mostly to gain details in the model’s face and her clothes. Once i achieved good starting material i opened it in Photoshop, liquified an little bit, retouched her skin using frequency separation(which was bit of an exaggerated technique to use this time;)) and dodged/burned pretty much for creating more depth and and a glowy skin as well. In the end i used VSCO Portra 160+1 to create the final look.






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