Image of the Week: Meagan Abell

Where was This Shot Taken?

a large open field at the end of a cul de sac, i climbed onto to roof of my car while my models laid on the ground. that dress was actually a $10 thrift store find!


When did you take this shot?

 shot it fall of 2014, right when it started cooling off .

Who are the people on the image?

 my friends Sydni and Preston, Preston is also a photographer.

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what gear did you use?

Canon 5d mkii with a canon 50mm f1.4/ – 25 image brenizer expansion

how did you edit it the image?

I used Kodak Ektar 100 VSCO preset, brought it into Photoshop and used color replacement to change the color of the grass to emulate an etherial alien world feel.

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  1. Danny Aaron Sprague

    wow, after reading this now I want to see a before and after!

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