10 Questions: Petar Jurica

This week we have Metkovic native, Croatian destination wedding photographer Petar Jurica.  Petar is living his dream of his passion in photography and his job, more appropriately, the photojournalism kind, and being able to travel and spend time with his family. Petar studied tourism and Zadar culture, dreamt of being a drummer. But it was his photojournalism work with a local newspaper then that got him into full-time photography and guess whose films Petar is into. 


This week present Petar Jurica.  Petar is a native of Metkovic, a small town in Croatia. He has studied tourism and Zadar culture, he dreamt of being a drummer, but it was his photojournalism work with a local newspaper that finally gave him his true profession. Petar is now working as a very fine wedding photographer who travels to many places around the world. Check out his thoughts – including his latest favourite movie that we also highly approve of. Over to you Petar

1 Why do you make images?

It’s my hobby, my passion and my job at the same time. I love it, just as simple as that. I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life currently.


2. What is life to you? What it should be?

Just at the moment of answering to these questions I’m on the shore of a mountain lake in New Zealand, spending some time with my family after a shooting a wedding in this amazing country. I think this is the best of life that I could hope to get….to be able to travel, enjoy with my dear-ones and be able to work things I truly love.


3. Where did you grow up and how did that play a part in your photography?

I grew up in Metkovic, a cozy town in the south of Croatia…. I moved on to study tourism and culture in Zadar, a historic city at the Adriatic coast where, during the second year of my studies, I started to work as a photojournalist for the local newspaper and that shaped my life pretty much, not just my photography. It was amazing to be able – at that young age – to shoot and have my photos published on daily base. After five years I was called to join the staff of the best selling magazine in Croatia and I spent there the next nine years, photographing local and international celebrities in my homeland and all over the world.  About a year ago I decided to go on my own as a full time wedding photographer.


4. There are a lot of professions out there – why be a photographer?

I ended up by chance in photography. There was nothing planned in it, but now I can’t imagine myself doing any other profession.


5. Do you have a “second profession” or passion?

No “second profession”. Maybe just an old, never fulfilled dream of being a drummer in a rock band… Well, I think I missed that train.


6. What movie did you love recently?

It was Birdman, the last one. I find great inspiration in movies. Cinematography in this movie is amazing and I adore all work by Emmanuel Lubezky.


7. Is/Are there any project(s) you wish you could do – or might do?

Running a full time photography business and being father of a 3 years son does not leave much time for other personal projects. So I just shoot lots of non-wedding photographs during my journeys, hoping to make some new schedule soon and start doing some more personal projects.


8. Do you shoot with your left of right eye?

With the right, and with my nose in the middle of the camera! Funny, I did not think about it before.


9. Who do you respect – in photography or elsewhere?

I truly respect and I’m thankful to my photo editors from newspaper days for their support, help and their believe in me. Also it’s awesome how there are amazing talented wedding photographers and artists today; it’s very inspiring to be part of this industry in this moment.


10. If you were to start all over again, is there anything you would do differently? Why?

No, I would not change anything big, maybe just some minor, business-related decisions. I loved my photojournalist days and currently I really enjoy working as destination wedding photographer. I’m just not sure how long will I be able to do it. It is a beautiful, but at the same time a very demanding job. I can’t imagine me travelling as much in my older age, but at the moment – I’m living my dream.

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    Excelente!!! Fotógrafo, soy un seguidor de Petar Jurica
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