Before and After : Kim Ahrens

 Before -

Before –

How did you manage to achieve this shot?

My model Svenja bought some glitter in a craft shop in our city. It was a lot of glitter we used to cover her whole face, her neck and her hands. We used some creme as a foundation and then we put the glitter to her face. Everything was full of glitter after the shoot, but we had a lot of fun. 


How did you edit the Image?

I worked with Photoshop CS6 and first I tried to give the image a lot of brightness and contrast. In the next step I dogded and burned the eye, so that the iris is standing out. I also burned the glitter around her eye, so that the glittering effect is more intense. In the next task I used different layers and tried to find the right colors for my picture.


What gear and settings did you use?

I photographed with my Nikon D600 and my macro lens Tamron 90.0 mm f/2.8. I did the picture inside, but I worked with natural light which came in through the window. 

Exposure: 1/160 Sek

Aperture:  f/4,5

Iso: 320

 After -

After –

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