Dylan & Sara

We are Dylan and Sara, a husband-wife Portland based wedding photographer team. We have a cat named Niblett, she’s sits on our laps and requires a lot of pets. Dylan will challenge you to a bike race and then sit down and drink the hoppiest beer he can find.  Sara wakes up early to watch speckled light on the walls and then puts on her drapiest dress to go find treasures at thrift stores. Together we’ve made Portland our home.

 Image by Dylan & Sara - dylandsara.com


Image by Dylan & Sara – dylandsara.com

We drink many daily coffees and eat out too much. We often explore the surrounding mountains, Columbia Gorge and the Oregon Coast. We photograph everything. We meet amazing people who also love life. Portland is a place that inspires us. We shoot weddings because we love people and we love being around people on their happiest day.

Here are some cool facts about Dylan and Sara 😉

  • Sara can dance.
  • Dylan cannot.
  • Dylan has mad biking skills.
  • Sara knows how to ride a bike, barely.
  • Sara likes refinishing old vintage furniture.
  • Dylan likes putting things on said furniture.
  • Dylan brews his own beer.
  • Sara much prefers apple juice.
  • Sara screams at the sight of spiders.
  • Dylan kills all the spiders.
  • Dylan likes cats.
  • Sara really likes cats.

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