Before and After #6 : Alexander Martin




Where was the shot taken?

This photo was taken on top of Ben Vorlich. Oddly enough, there are actually two Ben Vorlich’s in Scotland, which causes quite a bit of confusion when you start researching this walk. This particular Ben Vorlich is beside Loch Sloy which is only about an hour and a half north of Glasgow. Living in Scotland can be quite frustrating when you live an outdoors lifestyle. You can never count on good weather or plan anything, it’s always a bit of a gamble.


Did you plan it in advanced or was it more a capture of the moment?

It wasn’t totally planned, but as I watched David walk to the summit, I waited until he got to the perfect position, and then started snapping. I prefer to keep things more on the candid side which I think offers more authenticity. 


How did you manage to achieve this shot?

I always shoot in Aperture priority due to having a manual lens, so I adjust the shutter accordingly. It was a bright day so I set the ISO at 80 and set the shutter to 1/160th of a second. We had plenty of time up there so I shot about 15 frames in total as I moved around the mound i was standing on, I kept re-framing the landscape and also trying to find a combination where the landscape worked whilst actively trying to get lens flare!


How did you edit the Image?

Editing the image was fairly straight forward, I went with VSCO pack 1 and used Portra 400++ to get me started and then adjusted the curves to get the contrast and colours to a point that I felt worked. One things i always make sure of is whenever I shoot a landscapes, I will bring the highlights down to make sure there aren’t any blown out areas in the sky. I always try to not get too technical with post


What gear and settings did you use?

I’m not really one for lugging a full camera bag around with me (unless its paid), You can quite easily get lost in the world of cameras and make purchase after purchase, then before you know it you’ve got regular visits to the chiropractor to sort your spine out. there’s only really one set-up that works for me when im out and about and that’s my Sony A7 with my Leica 35 Summicron Asph. It’s the perfect size, weight and I feel it always gives me the results I set out to achieve, if not better! 

Before and After #6 : Alexander Martin


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