Image of the Week #9: Lelia Scarfiotti

I love art, poetry and beauty, and photography is the best way that I have to put all of those together

— Lelia Scarfiotti
 Lelia Scarfiotti - Portra 160+1 ++

Lelia Scarfiotti – Portra 160+1 ++

What a beautiful shot, Lelia! What’s the story behind it?

This shot is part of an inspirational shooting in collaboration with Fluida Design (they took care of styling and flowers). The location was an ancient Roman spa and my model, Marta, was a professional dancer. The light between the columns at that moment was just magic so I asked Marta to move in the most natural way…and she started dancing…It was superb!

How and when did you start taking photos?

My Dad is a photographer and my Mom used to be, so my love for photography goes a long way back. I love art, poetry and beauty, and photography is the best way that I have to put all of those together. One day, about 10 years ago, I went to a friend’s wedding with my old camera, a black and white roll of film and nothing else and fell in love with weddings. Every wedding is a story and I have the huge honour to tell that story from my point of view.

Tell us more about your photography and how would you describe your style?

I live in my own world, and I guess that I try to put a little side of that world into my photography. What I really love about photography is that you can tell a story with a single image and it can be only a detail, a shadow or a gesture.

My big passion is for polaroids and old pictures…they really have a soul in them!

Any thoughts on Looks Like Film? 🙂

Looks Like Film is a fantastic idea and a great source of inspiration! Thank you so much for your hard work.

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