Bathtub for two

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You probably all fell in Love with the amazing image by Jen Gardiner in the last days ! The good thing is, she didn’t only take one image. Let us see what she has to say and enjoy the images !

Bathtub for two


I didn’t expect the puppy to get into the tub.  I thought she’d keep watch over her best friend and maybe try to steal a toy or two.  But once she started showing a keen interest on getting her paws wet, I ran to get my camera.  The relatively calm scene lasted only a minute or two before the puppy decided to create chaos by jumping back out of the tub.  Shaking off the water and with both of us slipping on the floors, I chased her through the house with my camera held up in the air for safe keeping.  All while listening to the toddler cry that he wanted his best friend back in the tub.

Please visit the website of Jen Gardiner and give her all the credit she deserves !