Kickstarter: “New Zealand & Beyond”

 Portrait by Gavin Hardy


Portrait by Gavin Hardy

“I hope to inspire people who want to break free and do what they love, that with the right mixture of positivity, will power and hard work, it CAN be done. I want to empower people to take that risk and turn dreams into reality.”

— Ellen Richardson

Hi everyone! I’m Ellen Richardson, a portrait and lifestyle photographer from England, and writer of the Image of the Week and Artist of the Month features here at the Looks Like Film Blog. It’s a such privilege to be part of a hugely talented community and nothing beats getting to browse all of your work in the incredible VSCO Film Users Group every week to seek out the best of the best!

I want to share with you a huge personal project I’m taking on this year:

On March 12th I’m moving to New Zealand to travel the country for a year and will be creating a book of my photography taken over the 12 months! To make this possible though, I need your help.

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign, which is an online crowdfunding service that enables creative projects worldwide to exist, through pledges in return for rewards. So far they’ve raised more than $1.5 billion for independent artists just like us.

It runs on pledges rather than donations, so you don’t actually pay anything until the goal deadline (March 12th), and only if my target is met. If it’s successful, then you receive a cool reward based on how much you pledged, such as a copy of the book or prints and posters from the series. If I don’t meet my goal then you don’t pay a penny – win-win!

By essentially pre-ordering a copy of the book or some artwork for your home, your pledge will go towards funding the printing and shipping costs of the first 250 copies of ‘New Zealand & Beyond’. The book won’t exist without your support, so please pledge and help turn this dream into a reality.

If you can’t pledge money, you can still have a huge influence on the success of this Kickstarter. Simply SHARE the project or this blog post wherever you can and you’ll receive a free eBook version of ‘New Zealand & Beyond’ – just like that! Be sure to let me know you’ve shared it and provide your email so I can add you to the mailing list.

For lots more details about the book and my journey, visit the official Kickstarter page, and you can keep updated about my progress by joining the ‘New Zealand & Beyond’ Facebook group.

Thanks so much for reading!

– Ellen

P.S – If anyone is located in New Zealand or planning to visit, let’s meet up for some portraiture and fun! Email me at

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