Image of the Week #6: Lucia Morud

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…the image really illustrates a typical Oregon evening—beautiful, yet usually somewhat melancholy.

— Lucia Morud
 Lucia Morud - Kodak Porta 400 VC++

Lucia Morud – Kodak Porta 400 VC++

What a haunting portrait! What’s the story behind it?

Thank you! My lovely friend Lindsay Anne and I were on a hike in Portland’s Lower Macleay Park. It was foggy and gorgeous as we were heading back, so we decided to take a trek across a bridge which spanned the park as the sun set. I snapped a few shots of Lindsay as we were standing on the border of the bridge, and she gave her hair a little toss, which resulted in this image! 

What are your thoughts and feelings on the image?

I love the mood and the way Lindsay Anne’s beautiful red hair + the “woodland” colors in her ensemble compliment her misty surroundings. The way her hair hides her face adds a bit of mystery, which I always like in a photo. I feel like the image really illustrates a typical Oregon evening–beautiful, yet usually somewhat melancholy.  

Is this your favorite style of photography?

I generally steer towards a lighter, “sunny” style, but I do love the film feel and the rich colors it brings. Portraits are my absolute favorites, yes, especially women (and Lindsay Anne was a breeze to capture). I am looking forward to working with actual film vs. digital sometime in the future. 

What gear did you use and how did you process the image?

I used my Nikon D700 and 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens. I processed it in VSCO with Kodak Porta VC+++, pack 03.

Thanks so much for the feature! 🙂 I love your site and you guys do a fantastic job of mixing it up and showing the world so many amazing images!

It’s a pleasure to have you, Lucia!

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