Miguel Emmanuelli

 Miguel Emmanuelli


Miguel Emmanuelli

Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of Miguel Emmanuelli’s work gracing our Facebook news feeds via the VSCO Users Group.

A master of the centralised couple portrait, we wanted to hear more about the man behind the lens.

“Thanks for the love, LLF! Your collection inspires me daily. I’m Miguel Emmanuelli. I’m 34 and about to be a father. I live in sunny Jacksonville, Florida.”

When did you start taking photographs and what did you enjoy about it at first?

For me it began in 2001, taking a film making class in college. I was told to make a short film, but instead I made a photo essay. Then after taking a sleuth of black and white film classes, I was hooked. I think my initial attraction to the medium was the solitude. Finding my own way was empowering and the results of hours in the darkroom were always very fulfilling. To put it bluntly, my apathy had dissolved with photography.


Who has been your biggest influence?

Most of my work is informed by movies, art and any other visuals aesthetically interesting. My biggest influence initially had to be the work of Geoffrey Unsworth on Kubricks’ 2001.  Then the work of William Eggleston made me pay more attention to my surroundings and the story behind all things.

How would you describe your own style?

Defining my work is difficult—it’s in constant flux. I do like epic, cinematic shots—who doesn’t? Honestly, most times I don’t know what I’m looking for until it’s staring right back at me. Favorite subject? I like finding interesting subject matter; inanimate subjects with subtle hints of character or beauty. However, lately I’ve been connecting really well with my clients during engagements and weddings. Nothing more pleasing to the camera than a couple truly in love.


What’s your go-to gear and how do you process your images?

I shoot Nikon. I currently own, love, and shoot the D750. I’d like another. If I’m not shooting with my Sigma 35mm art, then it’s either my 85mm 1.8g or the 50mm 1.8g. I process my images like most in LR with VSCO presets. VSCO has changed the way I shoot. I welcome shadows and underexposed shots. Just like my shooting, I keep editing ’til I find what I’m looking for.

 My personal favorite from Miguel.


My personal favorite from Miguel. Miguel is a master of capturing the love right at the heart of the photo.


Miguel is a master of capturing the love right at the heart of the photo.

Any advice for people who are just getting started in photography?

Best advice I can give is to know your camera well. It should be an extension of your brain so all your faculties can go towards being creative. Also, don’t forget to live. Experiences help inspire your perspective. Lastly, always practice mindfulness, being aware places you in the moment where it all happens.


What are your ambitions this year?

This year I want to travel. I may have a wedding in Sicily in the fall—I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Beyond that I just want to keep heading in the same direction and I look forward to wherever natural progression takes me.

Any thoughts on Looks Like Film?

If you’re here reading this, you have great taste and are on the right path for quality inspiration. LLF has set the bar with their beautifully curated website and blog. They’ve created an arena for like-minded photographers to collect and inspire one another to keep seeking that next great shot. The whole thing is damn brilliant and I anticipate greatness. Thank you for giving me a voice here along side some of the best talent out there, humbled to say the least. Cheers!

 We can see you, Miguel!


We can see you, Miguel!

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