The School Sessions


Five years ago, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti leaving much of the poverty-stricken nation in shambles. 500,000+ people were injured or killed in the quake and an estimated 5,000 schools were destroyed including ECCA School in Mellier, Haiti. We believe business needs to be about more than just making money. We want to use our platforms to give back and encourage others in our industry to do the same. By joining together, in one day, we can make this need a reality.


The School Sessions is a one-day event across the globe on Sunday, April 12, 2015 to raise $200,000 to build a school in Haiti. Photographers can sign up online to shoot one (or more!) portrait sessions on April 12th and donate 100% of session fees to The School Sessions.



Get all the information on the official School Sessions Website !

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