Boudoir Beauty

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“I have felt for sometime that there is something missing in the current genre of boudoir work. So this past year i wanted to experiment. I wanted to put my take on it. I am not saying that it’s perfect or it’s the right way or that the other ways are bad. I am just trying to offer something a little different. Something that is natural. Real and honest.

I don’t offer hair or makeup. I don’t have stylists. no pearl necklaces. no high heels. No jerseys. No “smizing” into the camera. I shoot these in my clients home. In their own clothing and by doing so, showing them that just being yourself….just being natural is perfect.

Why can’t what you actually look like be beautiful?

Thank you to these amazing women who put 100% of their trust in me this past year.”

— Gabe McClintock

All images were shot with a Leica and processed with following presets

  • Kodak Gold 200
  • Kodak Max 800
  • Polaroid 669
  • Kodak UltraMax 400
  • Kodak Portra 400+2

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